Ragnarok*S D156287

Ragnarok 2022

This handsome blue eyed young man is a new addition from Curl Creek. His dam classified EX 90 and has twice earned milk stars, and his sire has classified EX93. We are super excited to see what this boy can do for us.


 Balthazar *S D159636

Balthazar 2022

When you have the chance to add these genetics, you do it! His dam is *M Curl Creek Confetti, 2019 West National Grand Champion, and sired by Castle Rock Black Oak. (all photos used with permission from Curl Creek)

Heimdall D165048

This young fellow is long, level and angular like his sire. His dam classified EX90. His sire is Old Mountain Beskallare. Pictured after him is Beskallare’s littermate sister. (pictures courtesy of Sweet Solstice)

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