Bellatrix D133245


Bellatrix is a fantastic milker, producing over 1kg a day as a first freshener, and 7.4% butterfat, and in a sweet tempered, well put together package.

Gillyweed D152318

This doeling hits every conformation quality we are aiming to achieve. Long, level, smoothly blended, uphill, angular-you name it she has it! She won Best Bred and Owned and Reserve Grand Champion in the all breed kid line up at The Royal Winter Fair in 2019. We cannot wait to see what that udder looks like for the first time in 2021!

L’il Bear D146945

L’il Bear is a petite doe with excellent feet and legs and great top line. She has good capacity and strong medials. She was Reserve Grand Champion at Listowel 2019

MississippiHalfStep (Miss Pippi) D147852

Long and level, great capacity, excellent teat size and placement. Miss Pippi was Grand Champion Nigerian at Listowel 2019 and took Best Udder in Show. In 2020 she earned a *M, producing 1.7kg milk with 6.85% butterfat.

Caprelle Ciara D113467

This doe is 11 years old and is still incredibly fit. She was taken out of retirement and will be bred one last time this fall.

Hope D145371

Hope has great body capacity, and a nice udder structure. Unfortunately she kidded after our milk testing this year so missed the opportunity to prove how much she milks.

Fiesta D148804

Fiesta has freshened for the first time with great capacity. She earned her *M as a first freshener, producing 1.6kg of milk with 5.52% butterfat!

Grindylow D154188

Grindylow is Ciara’s daughter born Oct 2019. This little lady is long and very dairy, and we look forward to her first freshening in 2021

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